Global Nitrogen Innovation Center for Clean Energy and the Environment

Innovation Team Members

FuelPositive Corporation
Project Role: FuelPositive is a private sector partner leading the commercialization of decentralized green ammonia production. As part of the Company's sustainability mandate, FuelPositive is committed to reducing/eliminating nitrogen emissions in agriculture and other sectors.
Photo of Alfons Weersink
Dept of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Guelph
Project Role: Agricultural Economist
Department of Soil Science, Univeristy of Manitoba
Project Role: Co-lead of the Green Ammonia Technology Committee and lead investigator at the Living Lab Farm Pilot Trial in Canada.
Photo of Zhenhuan Zhao
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Project Role: Innovation
Photo of Adie Collins
Rothamsted Research, UK
Project Role: Leadership of the contribution of Rothamsted Research, UK, to NICCEE.
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Project Role: Co-PI
Photo of Matt Houser
The Nature Conservancy/University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Horn Point Laboratory
Project Role: I am a Co-PI and will be co-leading our Innovation Team's work, especially focusing on connecting our project to agricultural stakeholders for the purposes of enabling their views, concerns, and experiences to be directly integrated into the research we do around green ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer management.
Photo of Claudia Wagner-Riddle
University of Guelph
Project Role: Lead of Canadian team
University of Guelph
Project Role: Behavioural and experimental economist investigating innovation adoption.
Photo of Laura Cardenas
Rothamsted Research
Project Role: Leads the atmospheric emissions research at Rothamsted Research and will lead the field trials on the NICCEE project.