Global Nitrogen Innovation Center for Clean Energy and the Environment

Information Team Members

Photo of Dong Liang
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Project Role: Developing an open data platform for nitrogen flows in agri-food and energy systems.
Photo of Laura Cardenas
Rothamsted Research
Project Role: Leads the atmospheric emissions research at Rothamsted Research and will lead the field trials on the NICCEE project.
Photo of Marcelo Galdos
Rothamsted Research
Project Role: Process-based modelling of crop yields, soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics under different agricultural management systems in current and future climate scenarios.
Photo of Kate Congreves
University of Saskatchewan
Project Role: Information team: feasibility and impact assessment on farms
Photo of Adie Collins
Rothamsted Research, UK
Project Role: Leadership of the contribution of Rothamsted Research, UK, to NICCEE.
Photo of Andrew Elmore
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Project Role: As a remote sensing scientist interested in global nitrogen availability and response to global change, I will help develop an information system for nitrogen and a knowledge portal for team members and project partners to interact with the data and results of the project.
Photo of Tom Bruulsema
Plant Nutrition Canada
Project Role: Information Team member/stakeholder.
Photo of Eric Davidson
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Appalachian Laboratory
Project Role: Co-lead of Information Team C1.3 Regional-global scale sustainability assessment
Photo of Graham MacDonald
Department of Geography, McGill University
Project Role: Working with the Information team on quantification of nitrogen flows in agriculture-food-energy systems (C1.1), and contributing to the regional-global scale sustainability assessment (C1.3).