Global Nitrogen Innovation Center for Clean Energy and the Environment

January 5, 2024 - NICCEE Kick Off Meeting

We held our NICCEE Kick Off Meeting on January 5, 2024.


> (5min) Welcome

> (5min) Center Background and Framework (Xin)

> (15min) Activities planned so far for the first year

-Information Team (Adrian Collins/Eric Davidson)

-Innovation Team (Matt Houser/Claudia Wagner Riddle)

-Education Team (Lora Harris)

-Questions & comments

> (20min) Breakout discussion. We will have three breakout rooms, and the presenters from each team will host the discussion and get feedback from stakeholders and researchers.

> (10 min) Report back and next steps

(5min) Announcements for upcoming learning events (e.g., green ammonia progress; living labs in Canada; N flow in agriculture, food, and energy systems), and Summer Institute (June 11-14).

The Kick Off Meeting was recorded.  Please contact Katie Kline for a link to the recording.