Global Nitrogen Innovation Center for Clean Energy and the Environment

January 12, 2024 - Information Team Meeting

Research Spotlight:  Dr. Lei Liu from China Agriculture University gave a presentation on the topic of modeling the impact of anthropogenic NH3 emissions on global N deposition.  

1. Go around the room for updates

2. Discussion: What does the information team need to prepare in order to make the summer workshop productive? (e.g., Prototype of N fertilizer maps? N flow in ag-food-energy system in US, Canada, UK?)

What data do we need from the Innovation team?

  • Farm survey

  • Green ammonia technology parameters

3. Discuss Research Spotlight and Discussion for the following months:

> Modeling global oceanic nitrogen deposition from food systems (Dr. Lei Liu and Dr. Xuejun Liu; )

> Catchment Systems Model (CSM; Dr. Adrian Collins)

> Global Nutrient Budget Consortium Efforts with IFA, FAO, etc. (Kevin Jackson, Dr. Cameron Ludemann,)

> Quantifying N flow in food-energy systems in the US (Yanyu Wang from Zhang lab)

4. Hiring (Graham; Page; Dong)