Global Nitrogen Innovation Center for Clean Energy and the Environment

Community Updates

NICCEE Community Updates

This page has been developed as a central location for NICCEE Team Members for updates and references to important information.  Please bookmark this page and check back regularly.  Updates that are disseminated to the groups will be posted here along with our events calendar below.

Announcement: Change to Education Team Meetings

The Education Team now meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month.  Refer to the calendar below for more information:

NICCEE Events Calendar

NICCEE Hour Meetings

The meetings typically follow this rotating schedule each month:

  • 1st Friday of the month: Alternating between Executive Committee and All Hands Meetings
  • 2nd Friday of the month: Information Team
  • 3rd Friday of the month: Innovation Team
  • 4th Tuesday of the month: Education Team
NICCEE Hour – ALL:  Every 2 months (odd months) from 9am to 10am on the first Friday 5 times (EST) (Click to download an ICS file for all NICCEE events)
NICCEE Hour – Information Team:  Monthly from 9am to 10am on the second Friday (EST) (Click to download an ICS file for all Information Team events)
NICCEE Hour – Education Team:  Monthly on the fourth Tuesday (EST) (Click to download an ICS file for all Education Team events)
NICCEE Hour – Innovation Team:  Monthly from 9am to 10am on the third Friday (EST) (Click to download an ICS file for all Innovation Team events)
NICCEE Hour – Executive Team:  Every 2 months (even months) from 9am to 10am on the first Friday 5 times (EST) (Click to download an ICS file for all Executive Team events)

Nitrogen Summer Institute - June 2024

The 2024 Nitrogen Summer Institute will be held sometime during the week of June 11th in Baltimore, Maryland.  Details with exact dates will be forthcoming.  In the meantime, please block that week on your calendar.

January 19, 2024 - Innovation Team Meeting

Meeting Agenda for 1/19/23

  • Intros/hellos (5 minutes)
  • Updates and discussion from team leads for each activity (10 minutes each)
    • Co-Production Regional Workshops (Matt/Claudia/Cardenas)
      • Timeline for CAN workshops
      • UK Workshops
    • Summer Institute (Zhang)
    • Farm Pilots (Claudia/Cardenas)
    • Green Ammonia (Wu/Tenuta)
    • National Workshop (Kanter)
  • Close out and next steps (5 minutes)

If anyone has anything to add, please update our activity PowerPoint planner here:

This meeting was recorded.  If you were unable to attend, please contact Katie Kline for a link to the recording.

January 12, 2024 - Information Team Meeting

Research Spotlight:  Dr. Lei Liu from China Agriculture University gave a presentation on the topic of modeling the impact of anthropogenic NH3 emissions on global N deposition.  

1. Go around the room for updates

2. Discussion: What does the information team need to prepare in order to make the summer workshop productive? (e.g., Prototype of N fertilizer maps? N flow in ag-food-energy system in US, Canada, UK?)

What data do we need from the Innovation team?

  • Farm survey 

  • Green ammonia technology parameters

3. Discuss Research Spotlight and Discussion for the following months: 

> Modeling global oceanic nitrogen deposition from food systems (Dr. Lei Liu and Dr. Xuejun Liu; )

> Catchment Systems Model (CSM; Dr. Adrian Collins)

> Global Nutrient Budget Consortium Efforts with IFA, FAO, etc. (Kevin Jackson, Dr. Cameron Ludemann,)

> Quantifying N flow in food-energy systems in the US (Yanyu Wang from Zhang lab)

4. Hiring (Graham; Page; Dong)

This meeting was recorded.  If you were unable to attend, please contact Katie Kline for a link to the recording.

January 5, 2024 - NICCEE Kick Off Meeting


> (5min) Welcome

> (5min) Center Background and Framework (Xin)

> (15min) Activities planned so far for the first year

-Information Team (Adrian Collins/Eric Davidson)

-Innovation Team (Matt Houser/Claudia Wagner Riddle)

-Education Team (Lora Harris)

-Questions & comments

> (20min) Breakout discussion. We will have three breakout rooms, and the presenters from each team will host the discussion and get feedback from stakeholders and researchers.

> (10 min) Report back and next steps

> (5min) Announcements for upcoming learning events (e.g., green ammonia progress; living labs in Canada; N flow in agriculture, food, and energy systems), and Summer Institute (June 11-14).

The Kick Off Meeting was recorded.  Please contact Katie Kline for a link to the recording.

Team Mailing Lists

Google Groups have been established to communicate with partners.  Here is a summary of the groups:

  • NICCEE-All:  For all research team members and stakeholders
  • NICCEE-Executive-Committee:  For communication with NICCEE leadership
  • NICCEE-Information-Team:  For all members of the Information Team
  • NICCEE-Innovation-Team:  For all members of the Innovation Team
  • NICCEE-Education-Team:  For all members of the Education Team
  • NICCEE-Advisory-Board:  For members of the Global Advisory Board

Please contact Katie Kline to be added to one or more of the groups.